A Omni039-05-V3 Desktop Antenna

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Desktop Antenna


3G is the common alternative to ADSL, but the reception is not always guaranteed or reliable. This can be remedied with our external antenna.
This is especially annoying when wired services such as ADSL, diginet & fibre are not available.  A poor signal can be due to your location at the periphery of the network, poor line of sight to the tower or other factors such as trees and buildings reducing the strength of the signal.  What you need is a way to boost the signal received and sent from your 3G router or USB modem with this 3g external antenna.

3G/GSM External Antenna - Boost your Signal Reception & SpeedUsing our high gain GSM/3G antenna you can significantly increase your call quality and Internet access speeds by boosting the GPRS/EDGE and 3G signals with our external antennas. These directional antennas are mounted externally and connect to your cell phone or 3G modem via universal adapters.

By combining our 3G antennas with a 3G router you can create a 3G gateway to your office. Now even your remote offices can get on your corporate network.