LILYGO TTGO T-Hacker DIY BOX ESP8266 Wifi OLED Display

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LILYGO TTGO T-Hacker DIY BOX ESP8266 Wifi OLED Display

T-Hacker DIY BOX

DIY BOX is based on ESP8266 master control. Default built-in WiFi attack program. PS4-WIFi can make your device play without official certification. You can experience the fun of the game without spending too much money. (We recommend you to buy official licensed games. This feature provides concepts that apply to Developer ). It can be set up through tutorials and display real-time weather through OLED.

Unleash your creativity with the LILYGO TTGO T-Hacker DIY BOX, featuring the powerful ESP8266 WiFi module and an OLED display. This versatile kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and developers looking to build innovative IoT projects with ease.

Bring your DIY projects to life with the LILYGO TTGO T-Hacker DIY BOX. Whether you're a hobbyist exploring new ideas or a developer prototyping the next big thing, this kit provides the tools and flexibility you need to innovate with confidence.

ESP8266 WiFi Module:
Leverage the reliable and widely-used ESP8266 WiFi module, known for its robust wireless connectivity and impressive performance in IoT applications.
OLED Display:
 Monitor and interact with your projects in real-time using the clear and bright OLED display, ideal for showing status updates, sensor data, and more.
Designed for DIY enthusiasts, this kit provides the flexibility and tools you need to create custom IoT devices, from smart home solutions to wearable tech.
Compact and Portable:
The compact design ensures easy integration into various projects, while its portability allows you to take your creations anywhere.
Extensive Documentation and Support:
Benefit from comprehensive documentation and a supportive community, making it easier to develop and troubleshoot your projects.