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oDroid-GO Gaming Kit

Learn Some Basic Coding

oDorid presents us with the oDroid-GO Gaming Kit, the kit contains the board with all the parts to put together your own game kit.  These projects are fun to build while learning a new skill.  Learn how to assemble the PCB with all the components and how each button is attached to the PCB, you will learn what materials are used for the assembly of the unit.  Learn why certain pieces are made of particular materials and why you need certain connectors. Since the device is clear, all the internal components and all the lights are visible.

Assembly and learning WHY oDroid - Go Wiki page link

An 8GB or higher capacity MicroSD card is additionally required.  Once you have assembled the unit and downloaded and installed the OS and installed the games you will be able to enjoy the gaming device that you have assembled.

Package Includes:

A. 1x ODROID-GO board
B. 1x Front enclosure
C. 1x Back enclosure
D. 1x 2.4 inch LCD module
E. 1x 4 button rubber 
F.  1x 2 button rubber
G. 2x 2 button rubber
H. 1x 8Ohm 0.5W speaker
I.  1x 10pin male header
J. 10x screws
K. 1x LCD window
L. 1x button set
M. 1x Micro USB cable (It may be white or black color)
N. 1x 1200mAh Li-ion batter