Arduino Yun Box

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Arduino Yun Box

This is a really durable case that will do a great job protecting your Arduino Yun!

The Arduino Yun offers a seamless fusion of Linux capabilities with the simplicity of Arduino, making it a prized asset for developers. Yet, leaving such a valuable board exposed to potential hazards is akin to leaving a treasure unprotected. This is where the black opaque plastic enclosure steps in as the unsung hero, safeguarding your Yun from unforeseen mishaps.

These enclosures serve as a formidable barrier against rogue wires and other lurking dangers that could jeopardize your Arduino Yun's functionality. Despite its protective nature, the enclosure doesn't impede access to the board's full range of features. With a straightforward assembly process, users can effortlessly snap their Yun into the enclosure, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Moreover, the enclosure's design is meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless interaction with the Yun. From conveniently placed slots for headers and ports to thoughtful additions like cooling vents and mounting slots, every aspect is geared towards enhancing usability. Notably, the inclusion of light pipes ensures that the Yun's status LEDs remain visible, adding a touch of practicality to its protective shell.