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                      DSTIKE WIFI DUCK

                      User-friendly WiFi duck

                      This open source project aims to provide a user-friendly tool to learn about keystroke injection attacks. A micro-controller acts as a USB keyboard that is programmable over WiFi. It's using the Ducky Script language that Hak5 introduced with the USB Rubber Ducky.

                      A keyboard is trusted by most operating systems by default, which enables for a variety of attacks. Humans might not type very fast, but an automated device like this can. It can open a terminal and mess with your computer in a matter of a milliseconds!
                      WiFi duck is a new version different from old WiFi ducky.

                      What makes it special?
                          - 4MB Flash ESP-WROOM-02
                          - Atmega32u4
                          - IIC connection between ESP8266 and Atmega32u4
                          - RGB LED
                          - DIP Switch for different mode:
                          - Arduino Flash Mode: 10101010
                          - ESP8266 Flash Mode: 01011101
                          - Work Mode: 10101101