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High performance AHRS(Attitude Heading Reference System).

Its attitude output is more stable to acceleration and magnetic disturbances. Communication and configuration are enabled via UART/USB interface for user applications. I2C interface is available for embedded application like Arduino projects.

The GUI(myAHRS+ Monitor) is available, which allows users configure all myAHRS+ settings, view attitude of myAHRS+ and IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) data in real time and save sensor data in a text file. Custom user software may be developed using the myAHRS+ SDK.

  • Sensors
    – Triple axis 16-bit gyroscope : ± 2000 dps
    – Triple axis 16-bit accelerometer : ± 16 g
    – Triple axis 13-bit magnetometer : ± 1200 μT

  • On board software
    – Extended Kalman filter
    – max 100 Hz output rate
    Attitude : Euler angle, Quaternion
    Sensor : acceleration, rotation rate, magnetic field

  • Connectivity
    – USB : Virtual COM PORT
    – UART : Standard baud rates up to 460800 bps
    – I2C : up to 1kHz

  • GUI(myAHRS+ Monitor)
    – display attitude and sensor data from myAHRS+ on various viewers
    – Configuration
    – magnetometer calibration