NeuroDreamer Sleep Mask

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Neuro Dreamer Sleep mask

Inviting a good sleep with music and lights

The *NeuroDreamer sleep version mask is very comfortable to wear and is wrapped in a washable cotton cover so that you can get a good rest any where, any  time.
Some people often do not have rest in their busy days and even when they can finally sleep at night, thoughts may go around in their minds and interfere with their journey to the world of dreams.  The mask guides the person gently to rest by the sound that calms the person & the light gradually becoming dark at such time.

*Lucid dreaming Mask

To help you dream the dreams you want to dream, the Lucid Dreaming version of the NeuroDreamer sleep mask was created. Lucid Dreaming is the ability to make con-scious choices in your dreams. Through light and sound, your NeuroDreamer sleep mask will give you opportunities to know that you are dreaming—while you are dream-ing. Once you are aware you are dreaming, you can make choices.

What choices will you make?

Its certainly an attractive & fascinating prospect; being able to explore our own inner worlds with full awareness that we are in a dream is intriguing and has an almost magical flavor to it.

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NeuroDreamer Sleep version or Lucid Dreaming versio


Sleep version , Lucid Dreaming versio