Pico Cluster 5H Raspberry PI4 8GB

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Pico Cluster 5H Raspberry PI4 8GB

Cluster Boards Together

The RPI4 requires about double the power of the RPI3B+ to run optimally and so will only be available as an H model. The new design will be somewhat different than the current H model and will use a new, custom-built PDU from Pico Cluster.

The Advanced Kit and Assembled Cube come with the 8GB board. You can use any of the boards in the Starter Kit.

The RPI3B+ will remain available in its current forms as less expensive and less powerful models.  The Pico 5 is our most popular model! It now comes in multiple flavors to better suit your budget. The Pico 5 Raspberry PI4 is designed to cluster 5 Raspberry PI4 boards together to run a variety of software from web servers and databases to Big Data and NoSQL software. One of our most popular uses is with container managers like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Model Pico 5H
Version High Power
Switch 8 port gigabit
Power Internal
60mm FanIncluded