Sonoff LoadShedder Bundle

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Sonoff Load Shedding Detector Bundle

Keep your inverter batteries charged

Are you concerned about your inverter batteries draining during power cuts? It's indeed a bothersome issue. By integrating the Load Shedder bundle with any inverter setup, you'll eliminate the worry of depleted batteries.

The Load Shedder intelligently identifies power outages and automatically switches off your pool pump and water heaters when load shedding occurs. It's an authentic product, packaged in an exclusive Loadshedder box, and available solely through certified distributors, assuring you of its high quality.

By automatically minimizing power consumption, the Loadshedder enhances both the longevity and the operational time of your batteries. This effectively removes the concern of battery depletion during periods of load shedding.

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What you get in the Box

1x Sonoff MiniR3 Pool (Smart Timer)
1x Sonoff POWR320D Geyser (Smart Timer)
1x Sonoff MiniR2
1x Finder Monitoring Relay(Orange)(LoadShedder)
1x Finder Din Base Relay Holder (Blue)
1x Loadshedder Pilot Light
4x Communication cable identifiers
1x Wiring Diagram with instructions


  • Prolong battery life during power outages.

  • Automatically lessens battery strain during load shedding.

  • Help in cutting down costs for battery replacements.

  • It comes with the Sonoff Geyser Timer and Sonoff Smart Pool Timer included


  • Restores load automatically once power returns.

  • Effortless activation of load shedding through a basic scene.

  • Straightforward load management and supervision.

  • Compatible with all types of inverters.