UPS Hat Raspberry Pi

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    UPS Hat Raspberry Pi

    Uninterrupted Power Supply

     The UPS Hat for the Raspberry Pi has a Stable 5V Power Output and it is able to charge the batteries and provide power output at the same time from an external power supply,  you can automatically switch over to the batteries output if the external power supply is unavailable, this keeps the system running without any issues.

    The batteries used for the Raspberry Pi UPS Hat are 18650 lithium-ion batteries - (NOT included).


    • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards

    •  I2C bus communication, monitoring the batteries voltage, current, power, and remaining capacity in real-time

    • Multi battery protection circuits: overcharge/discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, and reverse protection, along with the equalizing charge feature, more safe and stable

    • Onboard 5V regulator, up to 2.5A continuous output current

    •  5V USB output, convenient for powering other boards

    • Batteries warning indicators, easy to check if the battery is connected correctly

    • Comes with development resources and manual


    Output voltage
    8.4V 2A
    Control bus
    56 × 85mm
    Battery support18650 Li battery (NOT included)
    Mounting hole size