Raspberry Pi - 16 sensor kit

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Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit

A set of sensors to add to your collection

 Build up your collection of sensors for use in your IoT projects. Don't be caught without the tools on hand to realise your vision for the next big IoT device!

Kit contains:

  • 1XDHT11 temperature and humidity sensor

  • 1XHC-SR501 human body infrared induction module

  • 1XDS1302 real time clock module with battery

  • 1XRain sensor / module rain weather module

  • 1XSound sensor module

  • 1XHC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor

  • 1XFlame sensor module fire detection

  • 1XKY-008 laser head sensor module

  • 1XPhotosensitive resistance sensor module photoelectric sensor

  • 1XYL-69 soil moisture sensor

  • 1XBlack and white line identification of obstacle avoidance sensor

  • 1XVibration sensor module vibration switch

  • 1XMQ-2 gas sensor module smoke module

  • 1X315M wireless transceiver module 315M super regeneration

  • 1XTilt sensor module tilt switch

  • 1XOne way searching module TCRT5000