Rock Pi 4 Micro HDMI male to HDMI female Adapter Cable (copy)

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                          QuinLED Dig Uno v3 DIGITAL LED controller

                          User-friendly testing environment for your controller.

                          Seamlessly integrates with your home automation system or effortlessly operates as a standalone solution. Now enhanced with universal WLED support and Dual Channel capabilities for an even better performance.
                          Extremely cool, flexible, and easy-to-use Digital LED controller!

                          Perfectly integrates into your home automation or is easy to use as a stand-alone solution! Now even better - with generic WLED support and Dual Channels!

                          Technical details:

                              QuinLED ESP32-based programmable LED controller
                              Choice of 3 different ESP32 module variants
                                  AB (Antenna Board)
                                  AE (Antenna External) (incl. ext. antenna)
                                  ABE (Antenna Board + Ethernet)
                              Dual Channel Controller (when using WLED 0.12.0)
                              Official WLED support
                              Compatible to open firmware e.g. ESPhome, ESPpixelstick or custom Arduino code
                              Integrates with MQTT or Home Assistant native API (use WLED FW)
                              Remote control available via Android or iOS app (WLED FW)
                              Can be used for E1.31 with Xlights /Vixen software (use WLED or ESPpixelstick FW)
                              Auto 5V-24V input voltage select
                              Auto 5vEXT with 5-24V standby auto select
                              High current handling (up to 15A)
                              On-board fuse and reverse polarity protection
                              Compatible to 5V*, 12V** and 24V LED strips, strings or panels
                              optional On-board temperature sensor (mounted on demand***)
                              6 GPIO pins (e.g. PS Relay, IR control or I2C display)
                              Works with most currently available LED strips/strings or panels*

                          ws2811, ws2812b, sk6812, APA102

                          ws2811, ws2815

                          Product content:

                              QuinLED Dig Uno v3.1r2 LED controller
                              QuinLED-ESP32 WIFI module with USB-C interface
                              Pre-flashed WLED firmware for instant use
                              Please check the different product variants available

                          With a few simple steps to a working system
                          Easy to use and at the same time ready for complex setups
                          Extremely detailed library and resources
                          Very supportive community and developer
                          If you have a question to LED and LED-related applications - go to QuinLED   QuinLED-Dig-Uno introduction and features
                          WLED setup tutorial (also phone app)
                          QuinLED-Dig-Uno /WLED  Home Assistant integration
                          Showcase for various LED effects
                          Introduction on different types of LED strip, string and panels