Copper Heat Sink

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Copper Heat Sink

An easy to use copper heat sink

Main Features:
- High temperatures degrade and permanently damage electronic components
- This copper heat sinks keep components cool; copper cooling absorbs heat better than its other counterparts (aluminum),

If you enjoy experimenting and building with Raspberry Pi single board computers, this little Copper Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi is an easy, inexpensive and effective solution to overheating problems. Despite its tiny size, this heat sink uses an adhesive strip on the back of the unit to passively draw heat out of processors and drivers, and then naturally disperses it out into the surrounding air via the fins on top.

While these Heat sinks can be even more effective with a fan blowing over and through the fins, they are more than capable of dispersing heat without any extra active air cooling methods. This is an important feature, since Raspberry Pi boards and other Development Boards or drivers are typically kept within an enclosure. Enclosures, however, leave little room for a fan or other type of active cooler, meaning that these heat sinks need to be capable of offering effective cooling without any further additions.