Z-Turn IO Cape

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                                            Z-Turn Board IO Cape

                                            Expand the Z-Turn's IO Capabilities

                                            The Z-turn IO Cape is an IO extension board allowing for the use of many peripherals and signals like ADC, GPIO, LCD and camera interfaces to allow users to build the IoT solutions that one requires.

                                            I/O Function, reused with LCD pins, it can be used as GPIO if don't use LCD
                                            LCD/Touch Screen
                                            Can connect with MYIR's 4.3-inch and 7-inch LCD Modules
                                            J2 interface connector
                                            3 X Pmod interfaces, can be used for connecting with common Pmod modules
                                            1 X ADC (can be differential signals), extended 4 IOs of PS unit
                                            102mm X 88 mm
                                            Power input
                                            5v/1A 3.3V/1A
                                            PS IO: 3.3V
                                            PL IO: 3.3V